Information is the key to commercial success, especially in fragile states and risk areas.

We make sure that you receive the necessary information at the right time. To do so, we offer a variety of information services, tailor-made to your requirements.
Choose a combination of the modules monitoring, analysis and on-site reconnaissance that meets your specific needs.

Monitoring of threat environments

Most countries in the MENA region and in Africa have become increasingly unstable over the past years. Consequently, the dynamics change constantly. A continuous monitoring of the security situation provides the details which support fast decision-making in a crisis situation.

Analyses and forecasting

Relations and dynamics in countries of the Middle East and Africa are complex – and increasingly so.

Analyses often do not consider local context and grassroot conditions sufficiently. This leads to a distorted perception of reality.

The staff of Falkensteyn GmbH makes the necessary difference: We have concise knowledge of the local, political, social and cultural circumstances in the region. As such we are in a position to prepare detailed context analyses – with the appropriate detail required.

To support your strategic planning process: we compile forecasts on how scenarios can develop at your destination.

On-Site Reconnaissance

The realities on the ground are usually fundamentally different from the picture that is portrayed by media at home. Only our reconnaissance on site provides a reliable, up-to-date and accurate insight into the current context. We have “boots on the ground” and gather information which is relevant for you.